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The Bammes Award

The Bammes Award

The Bammes Award has become a tradition in the Manhattan Wrestling Club.  This award, although it is our top achievement, is not necessarily designed to go to the wrestler with the best win/loss record or who placed the highest at the state tournament.  We do recognize those as great accomplishments, and we are extremely proud of those wrestlers.  However, the Bammes Award is more than that.  This award is designed for the wrestler who possesses and continuously exhibits the following traits on and off the wrestling mat:  strong leadership skills, undying commitment and dedication to success in academics as well as athletics, and involvement in their community; someone who always shows an eagerness to learn about the sport; a wrestler who is passionate and has grown to the love the sport; someone who shows respect to his/her teammates, coaches, opponents, and officials at all times.  The Bammes Award goes to the person who understands that true success is not only measured in wins and losses, but in personal growth and development as a person and as a wrestler. 

 Recipient Nominations
 2018 Caeleb Hutchinson Logan Lagerman
 2017 Caeleb Hutchinson Blaisen Bammes
 2016  Mason Villwok Caeleb Hutchinson
 2015  Zane Kohl
 2014  Jalin Harper  Hunter Christensen, Mikey Waggoner
 2013  Blaisen Bammes, Jacob Ashmore, Bubba Wilson, Steven White

USAW Kansas State Folkstyle Championships - Manhattan Wrestling Results

2018 USAW Kansas State Folkstyle Championships
 FrankE Force8U 46lbsQualifier
 Kaleb Keiswetter8U 52lbs5th Place
 Jack Hutchinson8U 55lbsQualifier
 Tucker Werth8U 76lbsQualifier
 Caeleb Hutchinson10U 58lbsState Champion
 Brock Henningson10U 64lbsQualifier
 Sam Kirk10U 67lbsQualifier
 Cameron Coonrod10U 70lbsQualifier
 Logan Lagerman10U 79lbs3rd Place
 Aidan McKinney10U 85lbs2nd Place
 Alexander Robinson10U 170lbsQualifier
 Jerek McClellan12U 76lbsQualifier
 Dylan Slifer12U 96lbsQualifier
 Jaydin Vargas12U 96lbsQualifier
 Yanci Spiller12U 120lbsQualifier
 Jaxon Vikander12U 120lbsQualifier
 Saben Williams14U 105lbsQualifier
 Tucker Brunner14U 110lbsQualifier
 Joshua Pence14U 130lbs3rd Place
 Blaisen Bammes14U 135lbsQualifier
 Ben DeJesusHS 120lbsQualifier
 Daron Island-JonesHS 145lbsQualifier
 ManhattanTeam Results26th Overall 
 Manhattan 10U Division5th Place
 2017 USAW Kansas State Folkstyle Championships
 Josiah Borge 8U 40lbs State Champion
 FrankE Force 8U 46lbs Qualifier
 Caeleb Hutchinson 8U 55lbs State Champion
 TaiiVaughnn Walsh 8U 58lbs Qualifier
 Cameron Coonrod 8U 64lbs 5th Place
 Garrison Vikander 8U 76lbs 4th Place
 Ezra Spiller 8U 80lbs 2nd Place
 Luke Farrell 10U 67lbs Qualifier
 Sam Kirk 10U 67lbs Qualifier
 Logan Lagerman 10U 70lbs Qualifier
 Aidan McKinney 10U 79lbs Qualifier
 Dylan Slifer 10U 90lbs Qualifier
 Clayton Frehn 10U 130lbs 6th Place
 Jantzen Borge 12U 72lbs Qualifier
 Saben Williams 12U 88lbs Qualifier
 Blaisen Bammes 12U 120lbs 4th Place
 Easton Taylor 14U 90lbs 2nd Place
 Tate Sauder 14U 105lbs State Champion
 Joshua Pence 14U 115lbs 4th Place
 Daron Island-Jones 14U 130lbs 6th Place
 Bubba Wilson HS 138lbs 3rd Place
 Quincy Saddler HS 160lbs Qualifier
 Zephry Killham HS 160lbs 4th Place
 Manhattan Team Results 7th Overall
 Manhattan  8U Division State Champions
 2016 USAW Kansas State Folkstyle Championships
 Josiah Borge  8U 40lbs Qualifier
 Caeleb Hutchinson 8U 52lbs     Qualifier 
 Cameron Coonrod   8U 58lbs  6th Place 
 Logan Lagerman  8U 64lbs    Qualifier 
 Ezra Spiller  8U 73lbs  Qualifier 
 Aidan McKinney  8U 73lbs   5th Place
 Mason Villwok  10U 95lbs   State Champion 
 Samson Waggoner 10U 110lbs   Qualifier 
 Jantzen Borge 12U 64lbs   Qualifier 
 Easton Taylor 12U 84lbs     State Champion 
 Tate Sauder   14U 90lbs  5th Place 
 Daron Island-Jones 14U 120lbs  Qualifier 
 Quincy Sadler HS 152lbs  Qualifier 
 Zephry Killham  HS 160lbs State Champion 
 2015 USAW Kansas State Folkstyle Championships
 Aidan McKinney 8U 67lbs Qualifier
 Colby Altevogt  8U 70lbs   Qualifier
 Landon Dobson 8U 88lbs 6th Place
 Logan Sturdy 10U 64lbs Qualifier
 Yanci Spiller 10U 82lbs 6th Place
 Mason Villwok 10U 85lbs  Qualifier
 Blaisen Bammes 10U 85lbs 6th Place
 Jaxon Bowles 10U 110lbs  Qualifier
 Christian Finley 12U 68lbs Qualifier
 Tate Sauder  12U 72lbs 4th Place
 Easton Taylor 12U 76lbs 3rd Place
 Wayne Joint  12U 88lbs 3rd Place
 Michael Finley 14U 85lbs Qualifier
 Zane Kohl  14U 90lbs   Qualifier
 Luke Richards 14U 100lbs Qualifier
 Jimmie Dodson 14U 105lbs Qualifier
 Abraham Sanchez 14U 130lbs 2nd Place
 Tayvon Agnew-Nash 14U 135lbs 4th Place
 Michael Waggoner 14U 160lbs  State Champion
 Jacob Renteria 14U 160lbs 2nd Place
 Hunter Christensen 14U 175lbs Qualifier
 Calvin Smith 14U 205lbs Qualifier
 Jadon Bloomdahl HS 132lbs Qualifier
 Zephry Killham  HS 152lbs 3rd Place
 2014 USAW Kansas State Folkstyle Championships
 Yanci Spiller 8U 70lbs 2nd Place
 Mason Villwok 8U 76lbs State Champion
 Jaxon Bowles 8U 88lbs 5th Place
 Jantzen Borge  10U 55lbs Qualifier
 Logan Sturdy  10U 55lbs  Qualifier
 Christian Finley 10U 64lbs State Champion
 Grayden Jackson 10U 67lbs  Qualifier
 Easton Taylor 10U 70lbs  State Champion
 Joseph Chames 10U 73lbs  Qualifier
 Blaisen Bammes  10U 76lbs Qualifier
 Tate Sauder  12U 64lbs  5th Place
 Luke Richard     12U 84lbs State Champion
 Bubba Wilson  12U 96lbs 2nd Place
 Michael Waggoner 12U 140lbs 2nd Place
 Nathan Kirkwood 12U 150lbs Qualifier
 Cameron Drake  14U 115lbs   Qualifier
 Jalin Harper   14U 115lbs State Champion
 Jadon Bloomdahl    14U 120lbs Qualifier
 Tayvon Agnew-Nash 14U 125lbs  Qualifier
 Jacob Ashmore  14U 135lbs Qualifier
 Devin Norris 14U 140lbs  Qualifier
 Zephry Killham 14U 145lbs 2nd Place
 Hunter Christensen 14U 155lbs 5th Place
 Calvin Smith 14U 175lbs Qualifier
 Sean VanNatta HS 106lbs Qualifier
 Darrion Taylor HS 120lbs Qualifier
 Kendrick Rivera HS 152lbs Qualifier
 Kurtis Rich  HS 160lbs Qualifier
 2013 USAW Kansas State Folkstyle Championships
 Jameal Agnew 8U 46lbs Qualifier
 Logan Sturdy 8U 49lbs Qualifier
 Yanci Spiller 8U 61lbs Qualifier
 Joseph Chames 8U 64lbs   Qualifier
 Blaisen Bammes 8U 73lbs  Qualifier
 Jaxon Bowles   8U 76lbs  Qualifier
 Adrian Kaus 10U 58lbs Qualifier
 Tate Sauder 10U 58lbs 5th Place
 Christian Finley  10U 61lbs 3rd Place
 Easton Taylor   10U 67lbs  5th Place
 Michael Finley  12U 64lbs   Qualifier
 Alder Pierson  12U 76lbs Qualifier
 Bubba Wilson  12U 80lbs  State Champion
 Cameron Drake   12U 92lbs  4th Place
 Stephen White 12U 96lbs Qualifier
 Tayvon Agnew-Nash 12U 105lbs Qualifier
 Abraham Sanchez   12U 110lbs  Qualifier
 Michael Waggoner 12U 120lbs  6th Place
 Hunter Christensen  12U 150lbs 4th Place
 Calvin Smith  12U 190lbs  State Champion
 Sean VanNatta  14U 85lbs  Qualifier
 Joe Braun     14U 95lbs   Qualifier
 Jalin Harper   14U 105lbs  4th Place
 Mason Wallace  14U 115lbs State Champion
 Jacob Ashmore  14U 120lbs Qualifier
 Devin Norris  14U 125lbs  Qualifier
 Alec Pierson  14U 135lbs  Qualifier
 Zephry Killham     14U 145lbs  Qualifier
 Erick Sanchez HS 152lbs  Qualifier
 Davis Matthews      HS 152lbs State Champion
 Austin Chauncey   HS 160lbs     Qualifier

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